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Would you like to work for an organization that enables its patients to live their best lives? Are you tired of treating patients with nothing but pharmacological drugs or referral for specialist consultation? Do you want to truly help your patients with solutions that address the underlying cause of their health challenges?

At NIVA Health we offer both traditional and non-traditional treatment options that provide both immediate relief care as well as long term solutions focused on regeneration of the body's tissues.

At NIVA Health, we provide unique, advanced treatment options that can help heal and renew your body in the most natural way possible. We blend high-tech with patient-centered care in ways that are advancing holistic healthcare throughout the communities we serve.

Our goal is to treat the whole patient and not just the disease. We've worked hard to become the number one location to get your natural solutions to pain. We offer Wharton's Jelly Injections, PRP/Hair PRP, Neuropathy Therapy Program, Men's Health, IV therapy, and more!

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